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Bathroom Plumbing In Savage, MN

Bathroom Plumbing in Savage, Eagan, Eden Prairie, MN, and Surrounding Areas

When should you consider bathroom plumbing in Savage, Minnesota? You may need to consider bathroom plumbing services if you’re remodeling your bathroom or if you’re having issues with your current plumbing. Contact True Plumbing Solutions for bathroom plumbing in Savage, Eagan, Eden Prairie, MN, and surrounding areas.

Bathroom Plumbing in Savage, Eagan, Eden Prairie, MN, and Surrounding Areas

How Do You Install a Bathroom in an Unfinished Basement?

There are a few things you need to do to install a bathroom in an unfinished basement:

  • Install a Subfloor: This will help protect your floors from moisture.
  • Run the Plumbing: You’ll need to run water lines and drain lines to your bathroom.
  • Install Insulation: This will help keep your bathroom warm.
  • Hang Drywall: This will create a barrier between your bathroom and the rest of your basement.
  • Paint or Seal Concrete Walls: This will help prevent moisture damage.

Contact True Plumbing Solutions today if you’re considering adding a bathroom to your unfinished basement. We can help you with the plumbing rough-in and any other necessary steps.

What Are The Benefits of Bathroom Plumbing?

There are many benefits to bathroom plumbing, including:

  • Improved Water Pressure: With proper plumbing, you’ll experience better water pressure in your shower, sink, and toilet. This can be a huge relief if you’ve been dealing with low water pressure for a while.
  • Better Drainage: Bathroom plumbing is designed to drain water away from your home to prevent flooding. If your current system isn’t draining properly, it could be causing damage to your foundation.
  • Fewer Clogs: A well-designed bathroom plumbing system is less likely to clog than one that isn’t. This means fewer headaches for you and less money spent on unclogging services.
  • Increased Resale Value: If you’re planning on selling your home in the future, bathroom plumbing can increase its resale value. This is because potential buyers will see it as a well-maintained home that they won’t have to worry about fixing up.

How Much Does it Cost to Pipe Bathroom?

The average cost to rough-in plumbing for a bathroom is $7,000. However, it can range from as low as $750 to as much as $20,000. The final price depends on the piping material, home size, labor fees, number of fixtures, and more.

Why Choose True Plumbing Solutions?

There are many reasons to choose True Plumbing Solutions for your bathroom plumbing needs:

  • We’re a licensed and insured company.
  • We’ve been serving the Savage, Eagan, Eden Prairie, MN, and surrounding areas for many years.
  • We’re a family-owned and operated business.
  • We offer a wide range of bathroom plumbing services.

Schedule your service today by calling us at (952) 658-9772. We’re here to help with all your bathroom plumbing needs!

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